In The Beginning

I first noticed the half dollar sized, baby smooth, bald spots when I was trying on clothes in a store dressing room. The room had three full-length mirrors, two of which, were angled to get a better look behind you. That’s when I noticed. As I pulled off my top while trying on a new one, I saw two places with hair loss. Later, I discovered four more places symmetrically located; six in total… two at the sides of my head, two at the peak and two at the nape. How was it that I never noticed until this moment?

I chalked it up to not being a fuss-pot about my hair. Never the less, I freaked out. That was over 20 years ago and even though some of the details are murky, I remember it being an extremely emotional time.

I was told this was called alopecia areata and I will spare you the theraputic details, which didn’t work anyway. This blog is about the day in the life of wearing a wig.

After it became apparent I was eventually going to loose all my hair, I bought a wig and started wearing it every day. That early decision helped me cope as the spots grew in size and ultimately became one.

My philosophy has become … “so what”, “there are worse things”, and “get on with your life”.

Had I been brave enough to just be bald in front of the world, I would have missed out on some pretty funny situations while coping with the wig, although not funny at the time! This is about those things and more.

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