Hot Weather Is Not a Wig-Wearer’s Friend

This summer, so far, has been hot hot hot and baking in the sun under a wig is no fun! Hot weather is not a wig-wearer’s friend. Neither is the wind for that matter but a sweat soaked wig is a most uncomfortable and yucky feeling and simply makes me run for a headscarf!

Personally, I avoid hours in the heat during summer but let’s face it; we can’t always run and hide when the world beckons. However, there is no need to suffer. There are summer wig choices which have less fiber, light fiber and capless construction making them lighter in weight and allowing for breathable wearing on those hot days.

You can buy on-line from many sources but Paula Young has reasonable prices and they have a COOLCAP wig and a fiber called Whisperlite® which is perfect for those hot humid days… or there’s always my favorite… a scarf!



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