Stop the Wig from Riding Up – Use the Tag

When I bought my first wig, the sales woman cut the tag out of the nape. The cloth tag really had no purpose other than to identify the name brand and maybe the style of the wig. So really—just like a mattress or pillow tag— it can be cut off and you won’t be breaking the law. 

As you may have read in other blog posts, I have experimented with many assorted fastening ideas in order to keep the wig from riding up. Most of the hair-brained (pun intended) ideas did work, but were tedious. Nothing is perfect, but I will share what I am doing now that is easy and seems to work well. Of course, I am referring to wigs that simply pull on and have no built-in fastening systems.   

Utilizing, instead of cutting the label, gives me a handle to pull the wig down and a unique way of securing the back of the wig.  

I first tried this idea out by applying toupee tape to the surface of the tag and merely pressed it down to the nape. That works too but movement of the neck oftentimes pulls the tape off the tag because the cloth tag is not an ideal surface for tape to stick to. What I was left with was a piece of tape stuck to my neck while the wig rode up. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. 

The answer I found was right in front of me and I felt really dim-witted when I realized the solution was there all the time. It was a can’t see the forest through the trees kind of thing I suppose. 

Every wig I own— and I have many—have the same type of folded-over sewn in tag. This allows me to insert a piece of medical tape inside the loop. I cut the tape about three inches long and pull it through the tag. I use a tool to do this, which you can see in the photo. This gives me about 1” of tape on either side of the tag that now can be pressed to the cleaned (with alcohol) skin at the nape of my neck.

Any tool

You can use anything handy for a tool even a Popsicle stick will do.  

Push the tool through the loop so that it’s sticking out the other side. Stick the length of tape onto it, making sure it’s facing the right way and the pull the tool with the tape back through the loop— stopping when the tape is centered on both sides. In the photos, the tag is up, but after the tape is pulled through flip the tag down so that the sticky side of the tape is facing up and out.

Placement on your neck should not be too low. Correct positioning will allow for movement of your head. Locating the taped tag too low will result in too much pull and will loosen the tape. That’s it! Now you have tape that can secure the bottom of the wig evenly across your upper neck.







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4 Responses to Stop the Wig from Riding Up – Use the Tag

  1. lace wigs says:

    after the tape is pulled through flip the tag down so that the sticky side of the tape is facing up and out.

  2. admin says:

    True. It may take a little practice to make sure the tape is facing the right way in order to stick to your neck. If you have inserted it backwards, pull it out and re-do it. It takes no time at all will become second nature.

  3. Donna says:

    You, my dear, are a freakin’ genius !!! Thank you !! One less problem……

  4. admin says:

    I discovered a little later that glue from the tape gooks up the back of the label/tag and makes it’s difficult to pull the used one out. So…each day when I am putting a new one in, I rip a piece (the width of the tag) of old tape off and place it face down (sticky side to sticky side) on the middle of the new strip. This prevents the tape from sticking to the tag and allows it to pull through when removing it:-)

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