Feeling Confident in a Wig

If you are thinking about wearing a wig, a full head of hair tucked under a wig cap will keep it in place. If you don’t have much hair, then additional methods should be added to help keep it on. This post addresses keeping a wig secure if you have little or no hair and includes a how-to video for lace wig applications for anyone who might want to wear a lace wig.

 Lots of Experimentation

As I began shedding more hair, I experimented. The less hair I had the less hair the wig had to hold on to, so I looked for extra ways to secure an out-of-box wig to my thinning scalp. Wig caps did me little good, and all too often popped off under the wig. The unnerving sensation left me feeling like my pantyhose just slipped down around my knees. It took a lot of testing over the years for me to arrive at an imperfect, but satisfactory, solution to keep the wig from slipping forward, riding up, or just plain coming off when I lifted clothing up and over my head. I tested everything from buttons to rubber bands. Some worked, some didn’t. 

Duct Tape to the Rescue

 The only other wig fix that was offered in the early days was an itty-bitty two-part Velcro fastener. One side was sewn into the wig, and the other adhered to the skin. That worked fairly well, but the adhesive side didn’t stick very well and needed to be replaced every few days, which became expensive. As I mentioned earlier, I experimented with everything, so let me save you from the pain of duct tape. Please… never use duct tape; it was a really great hold and a very bad idea. The missing layers of skin on the back of my neck took weeks to heal.

 The Evolution of Lace

 Lace wigs are more expensive and take more time to install. I think “install” might be the right word here because unlike an out-of-box wig you can simply pull on, lace wigs need glue or tape, extra time to dry and a more precise placement. The “lace” is not your mother’s tablecloth lace but a fine mesh that lines the inside of the wig. You can buy a wig with lace in front only or full lace around the perimeter. Double sided adhesive tape or glue is applied to the skin, then the underside of the wig’s lace is pressed onto the tape or glue, disappearing from view. Voila! The wig is secure… for days apparently. There is a little more to it than that, but the hairline looks great!

 Watch: How to prepare a lace wig with tape or glue

I haven’t ventured into the world of lace wigs yet, but I might. I really don’t like the fuss, although I admit that I’d like a more secure feel. There has been a time or two that a securely fastened wig would have saved me from the embarrassment of losing my wig (Oh yes!). Additionally, I’m not sure I want a wig on all night let alone a few days. For me, it might be too much effort and for too little wearing time. At the end of the day, I want my coat off and my wig too! 

Simple and Easy Wig Security

If you have decided to buy an out-of-box wig I recommend Paula Young Wigs for a huge variety of styles and colors at reasonable prices. I also suggest that you add a little extra security to help your wig stay in place all day. It’s really very easy. 

Use two small pieces of toupee or wig tape, similar but smaller than those in the video. Place two pieces on the underside of the wig, one in the front where it will adhere to your forehead and one at the back which will then adhere to the nape. Take care to press it firmly on the wig’s textured surface. Take care to keep strands of hair from sticking to the tape while you place it on your head. Start in the front and let the tape take hold, then pull it on, placing the back edge at the nape of your neck. Don’t pull it too far down the neck because your head needs room to move throughout the day. Turn your head both ways to feel if the wigs moves with you without pulling. If it pulls too much, re-position it until it’s comfortable. The tape at the back will probably not last more than two days, but the forehead tape can hold several days without applying a new piece.

 Toupee, wig tape or glue can be purchased at any wig store or beauty supply store, like Sally’s. 

I do the above routine every morning in about a minute and a half and if you buy a synthetic wig you will never need to spend any time or money styling it. Easy and simple!

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