Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic


I’ve pretty much been a synthetic wig gal.

20 years ago, my only experience with human hair was a heavy wig with too much hair. Most synthetics were lighter in weight and by the end of the day, it mattered. I was back to buying synthetic.

Synthetics offer a no fuss “out of the box” styling and “wash-dry-wear” and are generally cheaper. Another benefit was that they weren’t subjected to weather conditions like real human hair. If the weather was humid, my synthetic curls weren’t wilting. Synthetics have memory which give you consistency without the bother of styling it yourself.

Fibers today are lightweight, fine and look and feel pretty much like real hair. Wigs have come a long way baby!

But here’s the rub… literally.

Synthetic fiber starts to turn ratty at the nape due to “collar wear” and is why I’ve switched to human hair. Once the fiber has been altered, it can’t be straightened. A jacket, blouse or coat collar will ruin, an otherwise, perfectly good looking wig, in no time at all. I have also experienced the same thing with a blend of human and synthetic.

Human hair wigs have come along way too. Many wigs have thinner webbing without heavy thick hair weighing you down. You do have to style them from time to time and special care needs to be taken in cleaning, but real hair seems to out perform synthetic at the nape and the hair outlasts the stretch webbing.

I’ve never tried lace front wigs. Maybe some day, but they seem like more fuss than I can handle. All that glue and glue cleaner. It doesn’t sound good to me. I may eat my words later, but for now I buy off the rack … or rather, mostly on-line from Paula Young.

Try ’em, you’ll like ’em. They have a great selection of style, color and type. Tip from Alice… spending a lot of money on a wig, doesn’t prevent collar wear!

If someone would build a synthetic wig with human hair at the nape, I’ll be the first in line to buy one… providing it’s the right style and color. Picky picky!

Until next time…


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