To Wig Or To Scarf, That Is The Question

I work part-time nights as a commercial cleaner and pretty much work by myself on the nightly assignment. There are workers still on the job so I present myself in a wig in order to appear normal, avoiding sideways glances and assumptions about my health. The problem is… it’s very hot in some areas of the plant and I’m oftentimes dripping wet by the time I’m done. The constant movement of the job causes me to overheat and I consequently have toyed with the idea of switching up to a scarf instead of a wig; but I haven’t as yet.

Additionally, special jobs come up where I work with a team on the weekends. Working these jobs in the summer forces me to put up with perspiration that runs down my head, under the wig. The wig band gets soaked which is most uncomfortable and also requires that I wash the hairpiece ahead of schedule. (Washing too often shortens the life of the wig.)

We are now in the “Dog Days of Summer”(at least according to some definitions) and I had accepted a special cleaning job with a crew that I had worked with before.

 Dilemma: To wig or to scarf, that was the question!

 I decided to make it more comfortable for me… not others. I would show up in a scarf and shrug off any inquiries. I don’t look my best in a scarf, but I certainly feel better.

 As we all lined up at the gate in our cars, the guard unlocked the gate and allowed us onto the property. When it was my turn to drive through the gate, the guard bent down to get a closer look at me. It wasn’t a casual look. He was intent on checking me out. I stopped my car and turned toward him smiling. He nodded and allowed me to pass. I hadn’t experienced this the last two times I worked there. The scarf made me suspect. I just chuckled to myself and drove on.

There is no longer a dilemma. The next time… a scarf it is!

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  1. great story i can realy feel your pain i love summer. but when it gets to hot that you can’t even see because your sweat is blocking you view its not so much fun.

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