It Takes Two

The every day wig wearer should have an heir and a spare. There are many reasons to have two (or more), not the least of which is to lessen the look of a change up. If you don’t want to shout to the world that you wear a wig, then alternating between two or more, will give you a smoother, longer lasting look until you intend a more drastic change.

 Reason number two or maybe even number one: “ I can’t find my hair!”

One of the first things I do when I get home from work, particularly if it’s hot and humid; is to remove my wig and don a scarf. Ah… that feels so much better! I don’t always place it where it should go however. Later I’m scrambling for the wig (not unlike trying to find the car keys) when I’m running late. A second wig will keep you out of a bind. 

We change our clothes when we are hot and sweaty, so number three: You’ve been out all day and your wig is moist with perspiration and you have to go out again later. No time to wash and dry… spare to the rescue.

 So remember, an extra wig is like an extra set of cars keys, something we can all appreciate!

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